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To set up PDF in Windows 7 or Windows 8 system, see Enable PDF read and write in Win7/8.

It is easy to share files in PDF. PageFocus Windows 10 versions provide a Save as PDF tool button  

in the top Tool Bar for saving the current file in

PDF format. You can also use File/Save As and select *.pdf as Save As type to save PageFocus file or form to PDF.

To enable import of PDF files, you will need to download and install Ghostscript GPL Release for Windows (32 bit) from Ghostscript. Please note that, you

must download this 32-bit file even if your system is 64 bit.

Once you install the Ghostscript, you can import (use File/Import menu) or drag in a PDF file. PageFocus provides all the tools you need to work with PDF

files. You can enter new text, bookmarks, add comments and images, draw graphic objects, annotate, crop, copy and paste. It is easy to edit and share

files in PDF. Save your PageFocus files to PDFs. Select File/Send and send it with your email.

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