Enable PDF read and write (updated 2014-09-01)

( ** Although the following procedure has been used successfully on many PC's and notebook (actually, no failed cases reported yet), we can not guarantee

that it will work for all users. Therefore, if you need this feature, please try it before you purchase PageFocus.)

PageFocus uses open source software Ghostscript for Windows 32 and RedMon (Redirection Port Monitor) to enable reading and writing in PDF. Download

and install these two files and select Help/PDF Setup to set up PDF read and write.


Download and install Ghostscript 9.15 for Windows (32 bit) (the current version number is 9.15, file name: gs915w32.exe) from Ghostscript. Please

note that, you must download this 32-bit file even if your system is 64 bit.



Download and install RedMon (Redirection Port Monitor). The file to be downloaded is redmon19.zip.


After download, unzip (must do this) the file. Right-click setup.exe if your system is 32 bit, or setup64.exe if your system is 64 bit and then select "Run

as administrator" command to run it.


Start PageFocus and select Help/PDF Setup... to open the "PageFocus PDF Setup" dialog box, the top Status Report will show Ghostscript version 9.15

installed and RedMon installed.

Select Start the setup program. You must be a administrator to run the setup program.

Select OK to start the PageFocus PDF program. The setup program re-displays "PageFocusPDF Setup" dialog box. Select "Setup Now" to complete

the setup. Once it is completed a Save as PDF icon

will appear next to the Save icon in the Shortcut Tool Bar. Use the icon to save the current

file in PDF. Or select File/Save As, the Save as type will have .pdf option for saving the file in .pdf.

Notes: If you have problem running the setup program in Windows 8 system, it may be due to Windows 8.x restricting use of unsigned driver. You can try

to make change to allow a unsigned driver. Go to Windows Start/Shut Down, then press down the Shift key and select the "Restart" command. Or, swipe to

open the Charm bar, select "Settings", then select the "Power" button to bring up the Shut down menu. Press down the Shift key and select "Restart". In

the next screen (Choose an option screen), select "Troubleshoot" to display the "Troubleshoot" screen. Select "Advanced Options", then in the next screen,

select "Start-up Settings". The Start-up Settings screen displays 7 options. Just select the "Restart" button. The screen turns dark, then, when it comes back,

it displays a list of "Startup Settings". Select item 7"Disable driver signature enforcement" and press the function key F7. Windows now will restart. After the

restart, run PageFocus Program and follow step 3.

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