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If you have Windows 8.x, please go here.


Enable PDF read and write (for Win XP and Win 7)

( ** Although the following procedure has been used successfully on many PC's and notebook (actually, no failed cases reported yet), we can not guarantee that it will work for all users. Therefore, if you need this feature, please test it before you purchase PageFocus.)

If you have Ghostscript installed on your PC, PageFocus will be able to use it to read and write PDF files.

Step 1

Download and install Ghostscript for Microsoft Windows 32 (bit) (as of 2013-02-01, the version number is 9.06, file name: gs906w32.exe) from Ghostscript. Please note that, you must download this 32-bit file even if your Windows is 64 bit.

Step 2.

For 32-bit XP, Vista/Windows 7

Download Redmon. As of 2011-05-04, the file to download is redmon17.zip. You can download it from (copy the address to your browser):


or visit the following site to download:


For 64-bit Windows 7

Download the 64-bit Redmon from


select the one that is suitable for your system. (eg. for English, it is redmon17x64.zip, for AMD64/Intel EM64T)

After download, unzip (must do this) the file and run setup.exe to install. For Windows 7 users, you must right-click the setup.exe file and then select "Run as administrator" command to run it.