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Object Tool Bar:

Line   H/V Line   H/V Polyline   Polyline   Bezier   B Curve   Cardinal Spline   Arc   Freehand   Brush Line   Closed Bezier  

Polygon   Rectangle   R Rectangle   Ellipse   Pie   Grid   Insert Image   Text Entry   List Field   Equation   Button   Table  

More Objects: Vertical Text, Vertical Table, M-Checkbox, Checkbox, M-Radio Button, Radio Button, Group Box, Counter

Field, Entry Reference, Label Countr, Video Cam, Video Player, HTML Code Container, Calender, Line, Dims-Span, Ruler

line, Grids,Star, Line Magics,Cube, X, Arrows, 3D Text, Graph, Frame, Cut-out, Crop

Color Tool Bar:

Fill Hatch Alpha Text Frame Fill

Highlight Gradient Type Gradient Edit

Color Management

Selected Object Type, Size

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