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PageFocus provides two types of video cam and player functions. One is to open a right side panel for video catcher and playback. One is to use Video

Cam object/Video Player objects (in More Objects

) to create pages for website, slide show or EXPO runtime applications.

Video Catcher

Use File/Devices/Video Cam to open the right side Camera Panel. It will display image catched by a webcam or other connected external camera. Drag the

borderline to adjust the size of the panel. Take a snapshot, the picture will appear in the workspace. Connected to a camera, video cam can be used to take

picture on site and add text, drawings to design cards or to keep records. It also can be used to do video recording.

Use the top menu

to select the device(if there are more than one available), to close the cam, to select the folder to save the recorded

video and snapshot files, to switch to video player, and to close the panel. Use the More Tool  

to change the Snapshot/Video file folder and select

Cam options. The default folder is My Documents\PageFocus\snapshot or video

Use the bottom menu

to zoom to fit the image to the panel area, to display the original size (pixel size),to zoom In, to zoom out, to

take a snapshot, to start/end Recording (or right-click on the image will start video recording, right-click again will end recording). Snapshot taken will

appear on the workspace and saved as .jpg in the My Document\PageFocus\Snapshot, if Save option is checked on Video/Cam Options. Take a snapshot

from the Video Cam, edit and save or export. Do video recording to keep record.

Video Playback

Select File/Devices/Video Playback to open the Video Player Panel. Drag the borderline to adjust the size of the panel.

Use the top menu

to open a video file, to close a video file, to select More tool to change snapshot folder/options, to switch to Video cam

and to close the panel. PageFocus supports only .avi and .wmv video files. Your system may play other video file types (i.e. mp4) if a third party "Codec

pack" (i.e. K-Lite) is installed. If a snapshot appears blurring on the workspace. Select Save snapshots options and import the picture back to the workspace.

The default folder for snapshot is My Documents\PageFocus\snapshot. Use the More Tool to change the folder.


The bottom menu

shows the Video playtime, zoom to fit the image to the panel area, enlarge to fill the

window, Start, Pause and Stop button, take a snapshot, copy to clipboard. Frame by frame mode is only available for .avi file (the feature may be disabled

by third-party codec pack). Snapshot taken can be used right on the workspace, copy it to clipboard for use in another file or save and export. Video

playback can be used to take a snapshot from a video and add text, drawings to design cards or to keep records.

Video Cam

Use the Video Cam Object (in More Objects

) to create a Video Cam object in a page to catch the webcam or connected camera image. Open the page

in Slide show or in PageFocus Pro runtime EXPO to show the live image from the connected device. It can be used for creating ID card or on site demo.

Video Player

Use the Video Player to play a video in a webpage, in slide show, or in EXPO runtime applications. See the Basics page, we use the Video Player object to

play the Basics tutorial video. Choose Video Player

from More Objects

, drag a desired size rectangle to open the Video Player Properties dialog

box, use the Browse button to select the video to play. Below is a Video Player object linked to a kite.mp4 video set at Auto play. Check Auto play if you

want to start the video when the page is opened.

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