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Create Template Collections

It is easy to create your own template collections. Design your templates using PageFocus tools. You can also use a Sample Template, edit it to create a

new template file.

To create the template collection file, select Preference/Organize Template to open Organize Templates dialog box.


Select File/New to create/name a new template collection.


Right-click on the left tree box to open the menu to add a group or a file to the collection tree.


Add a file to the collection or create a group tree and add files under the group.


Select the template files that you have created and add them to the collection tree.


Save the template collection file. These templates are ready for you to select to start a new file.

To use the template in the collection, select Template from the Roadmap page or select File/New/From Template to open the Create New File from

Templates dialog box.

Select the template and start working on the page.

Sample Templates     

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