Simple Color Balance

Use Simple Color Balance to quickly make a sharper, clearer images. It is a quick and easy way to give a face lift to any photo image and may create

special visual effects for some images. Select Bitmap/Simple Color Balance and use the level bar to preview and choose. There are 10 levels to choose

from. Followings are example of using different level of Simple Color Balance.

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Use Bitmap menu to change Brightness/Contrast, Gamma, Special Effects, Add Noise, Oil Paint Effect, Grayscale, Halftone, Invert images. The Special

Effects command in the Bitmap menu opens the Special Effects dialog box to let you blur the image, create mosaic effect, and to posterize, or solarize (

similar to a negative of print in photography, solarize0=invert ) the selected image. There is instant preview, so you can preview the selection and decide

which is the best one to take.

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Level 5

Level 3

Level 10

Level 5



Solarize 7

Posterize 3

Mosaic 20

Soften Edges (Elliptical 50)




Blur 4

Add Noise R60, G10, B125

Oil Painting Effect 30

Brightness /Contrast (20/-10)


Gamma (R1.4, G1.65, B2.55)

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