Resize, Align, Rotate, Move and Group Objects

PageFocus provides both menu and 1-click buttons for you to easily change an object's size and location. Use the lock tool to lock the position, size or all

properties of an object to avoid accidental changes. You can resize, align, rotate and move several objects in group or chain at the same time. A quick

way is to drag the highlighted markers of the selected object/objects. For more precise options, use Edit button or the menu.

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Resize objects


Use the mouse to drag the highlighted blocks of the selected object. This is the quickest way to resize an

object. You can use the ruler and the object guide line to drag to size.


Select the Percent Resize button  

in the right Edit Tool Bar (or Modify/Percentage Resize menu) to do a

percentage resize


Select the Resize by Dimension button  

in the right Edit Tool Bar (or Modify/Resize by Dimension menu )

to enter the desired width and height.


Click the Shrink Horizontally, Enlarge Horizontally, Shrink Vertically, Enlarge Vertically, Shrink, Enlarge buttons

in the right Editing Tool Bar to resize one measurement unit at a time. Press down for continuously resizing.


Use the keyboard Ctrl +Up, +Down, +Left, +Right buttons to shrink or enlarge the size.


Enter Size commands in the top right Command window (i.e. size 1,2, sizex 3, sizey 8).


Use Modify/Resize to Page to quickly fit or fill the page with an object. It often is used as a background

object. Use Page/Clip Page if you want to clip off any display protruding out of the page when fill the page

with an objet.

To match the size of several objects, drag to cover/chain the objects or use Multiple Select button      

in the Left

Tool Bar to select and chain the objects. Use the Match Height

, Match Width

, or Match Height & Width

button in the Right Edit Tool Bar to resize these objects to same size in one click.

Align objects


Drag to cover/chain two or more objects or use Multiple Select button    

in the Left Tool Bar to select and chain the objects.


Select one of the align button  


Choose Modify/Align Objects in Group Menu and select Left, H-Center,

Right, Top, V-Center, Bottom or Center.

Snap to P Align C

Align R Align L

Align B Align T

Align VC Align HC

Rotate an object


Select an object, use the top right corner red Rotate marker   


drag and rotate.


Select the Rotate menu button

in the right Edit Tool Bar.


Point and Drag: After this command is selected, the select object is

highlighted with a set of x and y axes and a pivot center (the center

of rotation). You can drag the pivot center to change the center of

rotation. To rotate the object, just press down the pointer and drag

to the desired rotation degrees. A small popup window at the top-

middle of the workspace displays the degrees of rotation. Double-

click to complete the rotation and return to the Select mode.


Use Dialog: This command displays a dialog box for selecting or

entering the degrees to rotate.


Clockwise 90: Rotate 90 degrees clockwise.


Counterclockwise 90: Rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise.


Restore: If the selected object has a non-zero orientation angle, the

command reset it to 0 degree.

Move an object


Use the ruler and the guide line to drag an object (or

chain/group object) to the desired location.


Select one of the move buttons

to move one unit at a time. Pressing down the button will

move it continuously.


Use the keyboard Up, +Down, +Left, +Right buttons to

move the selected object or Shift +Up, +Down, +Left,

+Right buttons for faster movements.


Enter move or moveto command in the Command window

to move the center of the location to the specified location.

For example, moveto 3,4 will move the center of the object

to horizonal 3" and vertical 4" location. move 3,0 will move

the object 3" horizontally to the right.

Move L Move R

Move U Move D

Move NW Move NE

Move SW Move SE

Group objects


Drag to cover/chain two or more objects or use Multiple

Select button   

in the Left Tool Bar to select and chain

these objects.


Select Group or Ungroup    

from the Left Tool Bar to

group and ungroup these objects.

Group object is used frequently in drawing and designing pages.

you can combine multiple objects in different layers as one object.

Most drawing objects in our sample folder are group objects.

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