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Object Library

PageFocus lets you create your own object library for easy access. Objects that are often used can be kept in a library. When you need to use it, just open

the library and drag it into the work space. It is a very useful tool for you to organize and keep your frequently used objects. You can create, for example,

an address library to keep names, addresses, phone numbers and pictures. When you need to use any of these objects, just open the library, select and

double-click or drag it to the work space.w


Select the Clipart/Library tool

, use File/Create New to create a new library file.


Select an object from the workspace/page, choose Add/From Workspace to add it to the library. Select File/Save to save the file.


To use an object from a library, select the Clipart/Library tool

to open the library. Drag (or double-click) the selected object to the


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To save an object to a library



Select Add/From Workspace to add it to

the stamp library. Save the file.

Open the stamp library

Create a new stamp on

the workspace

To use an object from a library



Open the stamp library

Select the object, double-click or

drag it to the workspace

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