It is easy to create beautiful drawings. You can create your own drawings or draw from a photo image. Drawings created in PageFocus are Vector

graphics. You can enlarge it to any size and still keep the clear and sharp image. You can place a drawing object any place in the page, insert it in a text,

group it with any other objects. See Basics on how to work with PageFocus tool buttons. Open the PageFocus Samples to take a look of how the drawings

are created. Just place your pointer on top of the drawing, ungroup it and double-click on the individual object.

It takes only a few steps to create the Egret in the Samples package: import the image, trace the body parts using Closed Bezier, fill, color and group them.

It is easy to find the matching colors by using Pick Color Tool

to pick colors directly from the photo image. See Color Tool Bar. You can draw any

object in a photo and add your own artistic interpretations. Followings are step by step drawings of the Egret in the Samples package.

1. Import the Egret photo image, resample or crop it.


Select 400% (200%) view scale

to start drawing the bird's head. Up the view scale for easy line tracing. Lock

the image in All Properties.

So it won't be selected when you are working on top of it.


Use Closed Bezier tool

to trace the bill.


Select Fill

/Solid and set the Line

and Fill

Colors. It is easy to find the matching color. Use Pick Color Tool

to pick the color directly

from the image.


Repeat 3 and 4 for the rest of the body parts.

Home > Drawing


Place all parts together, use Sent Backward, Bring forward

in the Right Tool Bar to place the object on top of another in the correct sequence

and group them. Right-click to unlock and delete the bottom imported image. Save the file. Save the group egret to an object library for easy access in

the future.

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Resize, Align, Rotate, Move and Group

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