Working with Data View Window

In PageFocus Pro, Data View window is used to manage database created in EXPO. In EXPO, click the Data View  

tool to open the DataView

Window. You can also use opendv .xdb command in Entry Field, Button or linked Text object to open the database .xdb DataView window. DataView

Window displays the database and you can sort, select, delete records in the database, or to import a data file (in text format) into the database or

export the database.

You can select only fields that you want to display by selecting Display menu. Or use dv_showflds fieldname command. Only fields selected will display in

the window.

To select a record from the database, double-click on a record in the DataView window, the selected data will display in the current form. You can also

select data from a different database. Data with the same field names will appear in the current form.

To do a quick sort, click on the column fieldname will sort the field ascending, click again will sort the field descending.

To delete a record, select the record in the DataView window and use Delete key or select Edit/Delete Record menu.

There are several ways to search data. Use Display/Search menu. Use a single word to do a quick search. Use Field Data Match search. Or use advanced

search to search by Record Name, Date of Record or Data in Searchable Field.

You can get a quick column sum total of a numerical field by selecting the column and choose Tools/Column Sum. To mach data, you can change the

field name by choosing Tools/Change Field Name. Data in the same field name can be retrieved to different forms/files. Use Tools/Object Viewer to

view multi-line text field data.

If there is damages to part of database, use Tools/Repair Database to recover the undamaged data.

Select File/Merge database to merge two databases into one if there are more than one database created for the same forms.

Select File/Import to import a database. You can import a Column-aligned text file, Text Delimited text file, or XRC file. Data will be matched using the

same fieldname. Choose File/Export to export a .xdb database into a text file to be used by other programs.

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